Adult Sewing Classes

We strive to address all your sewing ambitions and to meet your goals. From sewing for yourself to sewing for your children, friends, family or decorating your home, we tailor all our projects to meet your goals.

Classes offered at Stitch Pretty are structured to advance your sewing skills. Through years of teaching classes, we have developed a program that will build your knowledge, skill level and competencies in sewing and fashion design.

You will find our classes grouped by skill level. We offer:
  • Intro to Sewing I, II, III
  • Beginning Garment Sewing I, II
  • Intermediate Garment Sewing I, II, III, IV
  • Designer Sewing I, II, III classes.
  • Advanced Garment Sewing I, II, III

Adult Intro to Sewing I, II, III Classes

The adult beginner sewing classes have been designed to give you a complete basic knowledge of sewing.  From pinning, cutting and sewing to inserting zippers, this is a comprehensive set of classes to help you on your sewing journey.

The classes in this series are:
Stitch Pretty

Adult Beginner Garment Sewing Classes

Once you have the Intro to Sewing classes under your belt, it's time to start making clothes for yourself. 
As with anything, it is important to remember that sewing is a process of learning and doing. One skill builds from another. 
Here at Stitch Pretty, we have taken the guesswork out of having to figure out what the next step should be. We don't want you biting off more than you can chew at any time and becoming discouraged. Because we want you to succeed, we have designed our classes accordingly. 

Even though you've been having a lot of fun already, the fun hasn't stopped! 
Let's now take the skills you have learned so far and start incorporating them into wearables.

I have designed this Weekend Getaway collection with your skill level in mind.
  • Beginner Garment/Weekend Skirt
  • Beginner Garment/Tank Top
Stitch Pretty

Private Classes

I'm available for private classes for both adults and for children.
If you would like a semi-private class where you and one other would like to take a class or do a project together, contact me for rates and details.

Cost: $40 per hour

Contact me for information and to schedule a session.

Girls, Tweens and Teens Sewing Classes

We offer sewing classes for ages 9 through 14. Classes include hand sewing, machine sewing, pattern cutting, pressing, and identifying different fabrics. From the vary basics to creating accessories, clothes, as well as creative projects we will cover all aspects of sewing.

We meet one hour per week for 6 week session.  All projects are completed in class - no homework!!!

For complete details, click here.

Heirloom Sewing

Would you like to sew?  Perhaps you sewed at one at one time but want to try something new.  Then Heirloom Sewing is for you.  From the very basics, our classes include fun projects that both expand knowledge and are creative.

You must have some sewing experience in order to tackle Heirloom Sewing projects.  
  • Beginner I Heirloom Sewing
  • Beginner II Heirloom Sewing
  • Beginner III Heirloom Sewing

Skills for Sewing

As well as classes grouped by skill level, we also offer classes that target specific sewing skills. 

 We offer:
  • Skills for Sewing/Zippers
  • Skills for Sewing/Hems
  • Skills for Sewing/Buttons and Buttonholes
  • Skills for Sewing/Applique
  • Skills for Sewing/Embroidery Machine Basics
  • Skills for Sewing/Seams
  • Skills for Sewing/Darts
  • Skills for Sewing/Ruffles
  • Skills for Sewing/Hemming Jeans
  • Skills for Sewing/Feet
These classes are offered throughout the year.  Check out our Adult Sewing Classes to find an upcoming scheduled class.

If you do not see the class listed, contact us.