Stitch Pretty is a Sewing, Fashion and Textile Art Studio. We offer classes in sewing, fashion design, knitting, crochet, felting, quilting, home decor, handwork and much more. We encourage a love for textiles, and are committed to teaching and exposing all students to the many fiber applications and techniques.

Carla Powell is the owner of Stitch Pretty. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Textiles, is an accomplished artist and exhibits her work in galleries and juried shows. She enjoys sharing her love of sewing and the fiber arts with both children and adults alike.
Carla grew up surrounded by an appreciation of textiles as well as exposure to many textiles from around the world. She was learning to embroider beautiful linens by age 6 and was knitting and crocheting her own garments and home decor items by the time she was a teenager. There was always a handwork project on hand, and still to this day she has a basket with ongoing handwork sitting beside her favorite chair at home.

After years working as a photogrammetrist (yep, that is an actual job description) and after the birth of her two beautiful sons, she went back to university and acquired a degree in Textiles. This degree was the culmination of years of passion with regards to everything textiles. Carla weaves, dyes, creates art and clothes and her passion for textiles and all it encompasses has never waned. She studies fashion as well as international textiles, attends every textile event possible and loves to bring her passion to everyone.

In 2010, after years of teaching sewing and textile arts around the area while transporting sewing machines and sewing equipment in the back of her Suburban to different venues, Carla opened Stitch Pretty .

We continue to increase the variety of classes offered here at Stitch Pretty and have a wonderful group of passionate, dedicated and energetic teachers that love sharing their expertise.

Stitch Pretty looks forward to being a gathering place for all things textile. Come and join the fun!

We look forward to seeing you!