Listed below are links to classes offered.  If you are a beginning sewer, we suggest you start with the "Intro to Sewing I" class.  We also offer specialized classes such as Serging, Machine Embroidery, etc.  If you have basic sewing experience and would like to begin making clothes, our garment construction classes can be found in "Sewing for You", "Sewing for Children", and "Sewing with Knits".  For the more advanced sewer, we offer sloper drafting classes as well.

Learn to use your sewing machine


Serging II

Sewing with Knits

Sewing with Knits/Top

Sewing with Knits/Skirt

Drafting Custom Slopers

Skirt Sloper

Bodice Sloper

Sewing for You

Weekend Skirt

Summer Capris


Sewing for Children


Girls Skirt

Girls Peasant Dress

Heirloom Sewing

Heirloom Sewing I
Heirloom Sewing II

Design Your Own Fabric