Has your machine been sitting in the back of your closet taking up room because every time you try to use it nothing seems to go right?  I can help you.
This one hour private one-on-one session will guide you through YOUR sewing machine and help you jump start hours of creativity at your machine.

Things we will cover:
  • Threading your machine
  • Winding a bobbin
  • Needles
  • Thread
  • Your sewing machine dials
  • Dial settings
  • How to change your presser foot
  • General machine maintenance
This is not a sewing class.  The purpose of this class is to orient you on the basic operation of your sewing machine.  If you would also like to learn to sew the Intro to Sewing class is a great starting point.

Things to bring with you:
  • Sewing machine (CLEAN your machine before bringing to class.  It must be in working order)
  • Power cords
  • All attachments
  • Manual
  • Spool of thread
Your machine must be in working order in order to receive instruction.  Unfortunately, we cannot repair your machine for you. 

NOTE:  This class is for Adults Only - ages 18 and up.

COST:  $40.00 

TO REGISTER:  If you are interested in this class, please fill out the registration form and we will contact you to schedule a class.  We look forward to seeing you!