We are proud and excited to offer quilting services.  If you have a quilt top that you made or perhaps inherited, we will gladly quilt it for you.

There are some things you need to prepare your quilt top for machine quilting. 

Piece Carefully

  • The flatter your top is the better it will quilt.

Prepare Top

  • Trim away all stray threads, since they probably will show through your quilt top.  If necessary, a small dot of Fray Check will help keep threads from unraveling.

  • This is the time to check that all your seams are lined up correctly.

  • Make sure all seams are secure.  Look to see if there are seams around the outer edges. If so, baste through these seams about 1/8th of an inch in from the edge.

  • Cut your quilt top to your final finished size.  We will not cut/trim your quilt top to size.

  • Square your top. Measure quilt top across the top, bottom, and at the center. These measurements should be the same, if not you may end up with puckers and an unsquared quilt.

  • Pressing your top with an iron carefully makes a huge difference to the final outcome of the quilt.  The top should be pressed while you are piecing the quilt, and then given a final ironing.  

  • Fold your top neatly.  We recommend you fold the top once in half and then length-wise, carefully, until in fits neatly on a hanger.

  • If your quilt top is directional, please mark the top with a safety pin.

  • Remove any embellishments.

  • Make sure the quilt is clean and free of pet hairs.

Prepare your Backing Fabric

  • The size of your quilt top will determine the size of your backing fabric. Make sure you make your backing fabric 4" to 6" bigger ON ALL FOUR SIDES. Remember to remove selvages from the fabric before sewing.

  • If you piece your backing, use "1/2" or 5/8" seam allowances and press your seams open. This helps spread the bulk.

  • We cannot see the baking when quilting on a longarm, so it is preferable to not piece the back symmetrically since it will also possibly stretch a little in the process of quilting.

  • Consider using a whole cloth for the backing.  You can find them measuring up to 110" wide.

  • If your backing is directional, please mark the top with a safety pin.

  • Square up the backing.

  • Press your backing.  Fold it neatly, in the same manner as your top.

  • If we have to square your backing, there is an additional $10 fee.


  • Do NOT baste your quilt top, batting and backing together.  We have to set them up separately on the longarm machine.

  • Your batting must be 4" to 6" larger on ALL FOUR SIDES of your top.

  • You may supply batting you have purchased elsewhere if you choose.


  • We offer binding services at an additional cost.

  • Pricing of the binding will be calculated based on the quilt circumference which is calculated by measuring (2 x width") + (2 x height") = circumference in linear".

  • Binding must be 2 1/2" wide.  It must be pressed and ready to apply.

  • .20 cents/linear for preparing binding and sewing to front only with MITERED corners.

  • .30 cents/linear for preparing binding and sewing to front with MITERED corners and hand sewing to the back.


  • Pricing depends on the size of the quilt and the type of quilting desired and the tightness of the pattern.  We can estimate the price during our appointment.

  • The basic calculation is made by multiplying the width (inches) by the length (inches) which gives us the area in square inches.  Our pricing is based on square inches and ranges from .02 cents/sq. inch to .06 cents/sq. inch, depending on the intricacy of design.


  • We use Signature So Fine #50 on all our quilts.   We love the results of this thread.  

  • There is no extra charge for the thread!I

Quilt Repair

  • There is an additional $25 per hour for any repairs required on your quilt top.

  • Repairs include repairing seams, resewing borders, squaring of backing (if excessive).

  • We will call you if we determine this is needed.

Types of Quilting

  • E2E - Edge to Edge. (Pantographs) A single design is used over the entire quilt.  You will choose a design to complement your quilt from the elegantly simple to the very intricate, modern to traditional. Depending on your quilt, designs can be chosen to blend into the background or standout to add interest.  We have many designs to choose from.

  • B2B - Border to Border.  Borders have a separate design, but the inner quilt has overall quilting, as with E2E.  We have many designs to choose from.

  • Custom Quilting - Specific areas are quilted filling designs, such as borders, blocks, triangles, sashings, stars.

T-Shirt Quilts

  • T-Shirt quilts require special preparation.  They must be reinforced with interfacing to prevent stretching.

  • If you have included t-shirts with heavy rubber elements in them on the logos, we cannot quilt over those since they will create problems with the longarm.

Utility-type fabrics

  • Currently, we cannot quilt over denim, double-knits and canvas type fabrics.

Minimum Fee
We have a minimum fee of $60.  This fee includes consultation and setup. 

*Fullness Disclaimer
Fullness and/or puckers within a quilt top cannot be quilted out. We cannot guarantee that puckers and tucks won't be sewn in. In some cases excessive fullness in borders may result in quilt top corners not being square. The flatter your quilt top is, the better the finished quilt will be.

*Mechanical Disclaimer
Please be aware that sewing machines including longarm machines are mechanical devices. Although we do our best to ensure perfect results every time, on very rare occasions mechanical problems can occur which may cause minor damage to a quilt top and/or backing.