Welcome to the Intro to Sewing class.  This class will introduce you to sewing machine basics, tools and terminology, pinning and basic sewing.  The project for this class, a Market Bag, reinforces all these skills, while giving you plenty of practice on the sewing machine.  

Once you have completed this project and feel like you have mastered the use of the sewing machine, you will feel ready to tackle the next level in sewing including clothes, home decor and craft projects.


All fabric for this bag must be cotton, preferably quilt weight cottons.  These cottons have a nice weight to them which makes them very appropriate for a bag.  I will be providing you the pattern for this bag for your personal use.  Please buy the supplies from this list ONLY - not from the pattern I send you.  You can print the supply list here

If you prefer, Stitch Pretty has a limited selection of pre-coordinated supplies for this project.   The cost for the  supplies is $25.00.  Please let me know ahead of time if you want to buy your supplies from me.


5 fat quarters (18" x 21" pieces of fabric) for bag exterior. You can buy "fat quarter bundles"  that have been pre-coordinated and already contain the required 5 fat quarters, or you can buy individual fat quarters which you can mix and match yourself.  You will find pre-cut fat quarters at Jo-Ann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby or other fabric stores.  (I have given a brief tutorial at the end of this page to try to explain what a fat quarter is for those who aren't familiar with the term.  This is not meant to confuse, so if you find it overwhelming, it should be sufficient if you just ask the sales assistant to direct you to where you can find the fat quarters.)

5/8 yd. of coordinating fabric for lining (the inside of the bag) (quilt weight cotton, not muslin)

2 3/4 yd. coordinating cotton or nylon webbing for straps.  (Webbing is the term used for straps).

1 1/8 yds. Medium weight fusible interfacing. (such as Pellon 911FF Fusible Featherwieght Fusible Interfacing)

1 spool Matching/coordinating thread. (not rayon) 

About Fat Quarters

The standard width of fabrics on the bolt measures either 42" or 44".  When you specify 1 yard of cut fabric, your fabric will be 36" long by 42" or 44" wide.

A 1/4 (quarter)  yard length of fabric is 9" long by 42" or 44" wide.  This creates a long thin strip of fabric that we can't do much with.  To solve that problem, the stores sell  fat quarters as a separate item.  A fat quarter is a corner out of a yard.  You get the same amount of fabric only it's a square rather than a strip.  The diagram below illustrates a fat quarter: