Serger Basics

If you own a serger you have a wonderful addition to your sewing room.  However, sergers are intimidating and perhaps you've not had the courage to tackle this machine.
The Serger Basics class is a beginner class intended to orient you to your serger.  From stitch length to the differential, we will cover the main functions of the serger.

What you will Learn
  • Threading the serger
  • Adjust the tension
  • Upper and lower looper
  • What is the differential?
  • Tie off your threads
  • Engage and disengage the cutter
CLASS FEE:   $65

  1. Your serger
  2. Serger Manual
  3. 4 Cones of thread
  4. Scrap fabric, preferably cut into 2 inch wide strips by 18 inches long.  
  5. Screw driver and tweezers that came supplied with your serger.
LEVEL:  This is a beginner serger class.  However, you must have basic sewing proficiency with threading a sewing machine in order to get the full value of this class.


NOTE:  This class covers the functions of 4 thread sergers.  We do not cover 5 thread overlock machines in this class.

Upcoming Class Date
10 A.M. to 12 P.M.Saturday, January 20Payment Equals Registration