Skills for Sewing/Buttons and Buttonholes

Everyone has run into the problem of a missing button on one of their garments.  From reattaching a missing button to making garments that use buttons as the closure, we will cover many types of closures as well as different options of buttonholes.
  • four-hole button
  • two-hole button
  • button with a shank
  • button alternatives
  • buttonholes
  • buttonhole alternatives
Bring your sewing machine, your buttonhole foot, scrap fabric and thread to the workshop.  If you prefer using our sewing machines, you are welcome to do so.

Skill Level:  Intermediate.  You must be comfortable at the sewing machine, with basic sewing machine skills.

Class length:  2 hours 

Cost:  $55.00

You can register for this class here.  

NOTE:  If you pay for the class using PayPal, you are automatically registered in that class.  

10 A.M. to 12 P.M.Saturday, January 27Payment equals registration